Our clients are often threatened with IRS Levies and Liens that could leave them penniless. We work hard every day to ensure our clients don’t go without basic necessities or worse, lose their homes. This is part of the reason why Tax Defense Network chose “Mission House” homeless shelter as the focus of their next major fundraiser.

“We didn’t go outside of our neighborhood for this charity,” says Tax Defense Network’s Director of Operations. “Mission House is a nearby charity that looks to permanently cure a problem, not just provide a quick fix.” Like the name suggests, Mission house has a distinct Mission to help the poor and needy by providing the tools needed to develop an independent, constructive, and self-reliant life. They aim to get people off the streets and provide permanent solutions. Similarly, Tax Defense Network is dedicated to not only solving our client’s tax debt issues, but keeping them financially secure.

Tax Defense Network started “The First Annual All-Star Kick Ball Game,” to give back to the cause. On July 3, 2009 all Tax Defense Network employees left work promptly at 1PM to attend an Independence Day themed picnic held prior to game. By 3PM everyone geared up for the Kick Ball Event. The teams were chosen, and all participants enthusiastically made contributions to Mission House Charity before starting. These contributions were matched by Tax Defense Network. Additionally, Tax Defense Network agreed to make a monetary donation to Mission House for every run scored. The competitive spirit of the game was heightened by the need to score for “Mission House”!

“Mission House wants all of the homeless of Jacksonville Beach off the streets. Now that may be just a dream, but Mission House is real. They really help those who need it, and by donating to charities like this one, we can help the dream become a reality,” said Tax Defense Network’s Accounting Manager. “I live in the Jacksonville Beach area and personally relate to the cause.”