Tax Defense Network is pleased to announce that they have finished their first two successful charity fund raisers. Tax Defense Network is proud to help the community in more ways than one, and provide more awareness for two amazing Florida charities.

Tax Defense Network started locally. Their search yielding “Dignity U Wear,” a charitable organization in Jacksonville Florida that provides brand new clothing to families in need. The employees at Tax Defense Network were compelled to serve this charity. As their Client Care Specialist put it, “Working in Taxes gives you a heightened awareness of people’s needs. Many people cannot afford to pay the IRS because their family’s needs come first, and we understand that.”

Tax Defense Network stresses a professional appearance at all times. However, in order to the contribute to Dignity U Wear, Tax Defense Network held “Dress Down and Jeans Days.” Those dressed down donated to the charity. Even the employees that elected to stay in dress code contributed to Dignity U Wear, everyone contributed! Tax Defense Network then matched their contributions.

The second organization Tax Defense Network contributed to was “Camp Boggy Creek.” Camp Boggy Creek is a camp for chronically or terminally ill children. The Tax Defense Network has a special connection with Camp Boggy Creek. The Vice President of Tax Defense Network volunteered for the charity and had this to say, “It’s amazing, it’ll make you cry. It’s amazing what they do for these kids. They can look around and say, ‘Wow, everyone here is just like me!’”

Tax Defense Network hosted “The Ironman” fund raiser. All employees worked extra hours in order to collect funds for Camp Boggy Creek. And it’s thanks to their hard work that Tax Defense Network was able to contribute to the cause.

Tax Defense Network wishes to contribute more to local and nearby charities. They have already started a new holiday related fundraiser.