Small businesses account for 60 percent of all jobs in the United States, making them the engine that drives the U.S. economy. Tax Defense Network knows the impact small businesses have on a community. They are passionate about helping small-business owners resolve their tax issues with the IRS in order to keep these businesses afloat. It is for all these reasons that Tax Defense Network has announced that August is Small Business Appreciation Month!

As a community business, Tax Defense Network understands how complicated business taxes can be. Tax Defense Network aims to ensure that all small businesses are able to keep being a vital part of the economy by providing tax relief at a discounted price. For the month of August, Tax Defense Network will give $500 off their services to all small businesses. Senior Associate Licensed Tax Professional Beth Caudill elaborates about how Tax Defense Network assists with small-business tax issues.

“First, one of our goals is to stop the issue of owing taxes moving forward. If you are paying back the old taxes but accruing new debt, you’re really going nowhere,” she states. “It’s our job to make sure you’re paying what you need to in order to stop owing, and advising you how we can best present your financial situation in the best light.”

Beth Caudill details why it is important for small businesses to consult with a tax professional before trying to resolve their IRS debt themselves.

She explains that Revenue Officers can take advantage of taxpayers who are not experts in the tax system, because they are not aware of all of their rights. When paying someone for their labor, she suggests gathering personal information and issuing a 1099 at the end of the year for the amount they received. Otherwise, the IRS will try to disallow the expense, forcing you pay taxes on their income.

Tax Defense Network hopes the promotion throughout August will be of great assistance to small businesses.

“During August, we aim to help eliminate not only the tax debt itself, but the stress and worry of IRS tax debt. Our job is to represent the taxpayer, in front of the IRS… [as well as helping] our clients, the small-business owners, run their businesses properly, and it’s never too late to start,” Beth Caudill explains. She assures all small-business owners that coming to Tax Defense Network is the first step they can take to secure their business’ future.