Tax Defense Network was honored to be placed on the Better Business Bureau “Nice List” and recognized by Jacksonville’s local news station, News4Jax, in their Consumer Alert section.

Tax Defense Network has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2008, maintaining an A rating or higher. Tax Defense Network is proud of their rating and takes feedback from clients to better improve their services for future clients.

These client interactions inspired Tax Defense Network to establish its very own Gold Star Client Care department to better service clients, and monitor all internal departments to ensure they implement the company philosophy of F.I.R.E and I.C.E.

Tax Defense Network has become a leader in the tax debt relief industry for years, informing taxpayers about every detail of their tax situation, helping educate clients on how IRS programs and policies work and which ones they qualify for.

Tax Defense Network understands that an essential part of the company’s job is to present a realistic scenario to taxpayers. Every client of Tax Defense Network needs to be Fully Informed with Realistic Expectations (FIRE) about the particulars of their tax problems, as well as have a practical outlook on what Tax Defense Network can achieve for them. Once a taxpayer becomes a client, it is the purpose of the Gold Star Client Care department to ensure that the client has the Ideal Client Experience (ICE) through each step of their resolution process.

News4Jax, the Better Business Bureau, and countless taxpayers have experienced the difference between Tax Defense Network and other companies that put profits ahead of clients.