For the third consecutive year, Tax Defense Network (TDN) participated in the American Heart Association’s (AHA) annual Heart Walk. Over 19,000 participants, with 25 Tax Defense Network employees, began walking at Jacksonville, Florida’s Everbank Field and ended at Metropolitan Park, for a total of 3 miles on Saturday, September, 22.

This cause is particularly close to Tax Defense Network’s heart because tenured employee, Jimmy Hutchinson’s father, Windle “Mack” Hutchinson, received a heart transplant in 2008. Inspired by Mack’s strength, Tax Defense Network joined other local businesses in raising awareness of heart disease. This year, Tax Defense Network’s employees donated nearly $1,500 in a week, beating their 2011 total of $1,325.

“It’s been a great success! Every year, my co-workers show their love for my family and the cause by opening their wallets,” said Jimmy, who has organized Tax Defense Network’s fundraising campaign every year since 2009.

The American Heart Association’s mission to improve Americans’ cardiovascular health by 20% by the year 2020 is also a goal of Tax Defense Network employee Amy Mercado, whose mother has been battling congestive heart failure for 10 years.

“This isn’t just about helping those with heart disease, but about preventing heart disease and promoting healthier lifestyles,” Amy said, wearing her Tax Defense Network Heart Walk t-shirt.

Tax Defense Network is proud to participate in the annual tradition and hopes to increase its contribution for the 2013 Heart Walk. For information about the American Heart Association, or to donate, please visit