Tax Defense Network (TDN) knows how important the experience and knowledge are that Enrolled Agents bring to a tax team. That is why TDN brought in four enrolled agents to collaborate with the 10 licensed tax professionals and countless other tax professionals that make up the Foxhound department.

Enrolled Agent Jason Agate explains his role with the company, and shares his professional tax advice with taxpayers:

“I prepare taxes, as well as represent taxpayers before the IRS to help establish a resolution to their tax issues. Where I get my satisfaction is knowing that when I am representing someone before the IRS, or when I am preparing their tax returns, I am doing so accurately and correctly, as well as with integrity, knowing that the taxpayer is not going to be forced into an Installment Agreement that is not on their terms but also [one] they can afford.”

Jason Agate also advises against having just any fly-by-night company prepare income tax returns.

“When choosing an organization or individual to prepare your returns, while it’s understandable that cost and price are factors when making that decision, they shouldn’t be the main consideration. You’d be amazed at the number of clients we see who thought they had a professional preparing their returns only to find out that person made-up expenses or deductions in order to achieve the result that the taxpayer wanted. But by signing the return, you attest that all the information on the return is accurate and that you agree to it,” warns Jason Agate.

“For example, I had one taxpayer who owed several hundred thousand dollars, due to what is called ‘Substitute Returns’ prepared by the IRS. By reviewing all their documentation, reviewing the IRS transcripts, and preparing the accurate returns, we were able to reduce that tax balance to the correct amount, which allowed that taxpayer to establish an Installment Agreement they could afford and was on their terms.”

Tax Defense Network is a national tax relief company with over 35 years of experience in the tax debt industry. The team in Foxhound has resolved over $120 million in client tax debts, while maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and consulting with over 127,000 taxpayers since the company’s inception, making Tax Defense Network one of the most trusted names in the tax resolution industry.