Tax Defense Network believes a taxpayer’s chances for a resolution are only as good as the team behind them. That is why Tax Defense Network employs only certified tax professionals on their team to fight the IRS on a taxpayer’s behalf.

An integral part of a taxpayer’s team is Enrolled Agents (EAs). EAs are federally authorized tax practitioners who have expertise in the field of taxation. Unlike Certified Public Accountants, EAs are educated through the U.S. Treasury, with a focus on tax accounting and the U.S. tax code.

Enrolled Agents are licensed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent American taxpayers before all administrative levels of the IRS for audits, appeals and collections. EAs are held accountable by the IRS’ Office of Professional Responsibility in case of malpractice or fraud.

Sarah Deierlein, an Enrolled Agent at Tax Defense Network who has experience with small-business tax debt, shares what her primary role is when handling a client’s tax resolution case.

“Many times, the IRS is very aggressive with payroll debt. They can personally assess taxes to the owners, and they can come in and try and shut down businesses simply because it is easier for the IRS than allowing the business to remain open.

We focus on working with the IRS to allow the client to maintain their business; to keep it open and operating successfully. These cases are not overnight accomplishments; they take time and hard work because each client’s case is unique. Each client deserves as much attention as it takes to fully understand what’s going on with their case.”

Payroll taxes are considered a trust tax, where it is the responsibility of employers to pay taxes on behalf of their employees. Therefore, a failure to pay payroll taxes is considered a federal crime. The IRS handles payroll tax debt as a serious non-compliance issue, and takes aggressive collections more quickly with small-businesses than it sometimes does with individual taxpayers who owe the IRS.

Sarah Deierlein warns that payroll tax debt, if ignored by a business, can lead to the shutting down of the business, and in worst cases, imprisonment of the guilty. Even in cases of bankruptcy, some payroll taxes are not forgiven.

“My [small-business] clients face harsh and aggressive actions from the IRS, and many of them have 5 to 25 employees relying on them. At Tax Defense Network, we know that [our clients’] business is very important to [them]; it’s their livelihood, and not only that, it’s their employees’ livelihood. The IRS can be very aggressive, and they take their jobs very seriously, and at Tax Defense Network, we do too!”