The most experienced tax professionals a taxpayer can have on their side to fight the IRS are licensed tax professionals. Their knowledge of US tax laws and IRS policies, as well as their IRS negotiation experience, make them essential to any tax debt defense team.

Tax Defense Network Associate Licensed Tax Professional, Catharine O’Connor elaborates, “As a licensed tax professional, I work closely with the tax analysts to put together whatever resolution we are going to be taking to the IRS. This frequently includes a financial analysis. It’s our job to fight for as many expenses, and as low of a payment as possible to ensure that this is going to be the resolution that works best for our clients.”

Another important aspect of a licensed tax professional is the responsibility and ethics they keep. Most licensed tax professionals showcase these characteristics by stating the facts of a case, and keeping a taxpayer’s expectations realistic as to what can be done to resolve their IRS tax debt.

“One of the first cases I took on was a gentleman up in Delaware who ran a small flooring business. This gentleman had been self-employed for most of his life, and had issues with the IRS on and off for over 20 years. In the last 3 years alone, he had 3 revenue officers assigned to his account, and they kept coming because he kept falling out of compliance. So one of the hardest things and one of the most rewarding things we worked on with him was to make sure, moving forward, he had the tools to stay compliant,” O’Connor explains.

“We were able to get him to a zero-pay installment agreement, which allowed him to make his payroll deposits and his estimated quarterly tax payments. This way, from now on, he would no longer accrue tax debt, and he would be able to stay in the zero-pay installment agreement we set-up for him.”

While simple tax problems can easily be resolved with the IRS through an Installment Agreement or paying with a lump sum, complicated tax debts need professional help to not only solve the problem at hand, but ensure that it will not happen again.

“Frequently, what I find with clients is that they have a long track record with the IRS, with years and years of noncompliance that causes them a massive amount of stress in their daily lives. One of the most rewarding things I find is to be able to fix this for them, give them the tools they need to succeed in the future, so they can move forward and no longer have the IRS on their back.”