Eric Roffer, Associate Licensed Tax Professional at Tax Defense Network (TDN), along with nine other licensed tax professionals, four enrolled agents, a certified public accountant, an ex-IRS agent, and many tax analysts and preparers, make up the Foxhound department.

“One of the things I do here is determine a taxpayer’s financial ability to pay based on IRS guidelines and laws, to figure what they have the ability to pay versus what they IRS thinks they have the ability to pay,” Roffer states.

“From there, I negotiate a plan that will satisfy both the IRS and our taxpayer clients in a way that they can keep their business up and running and move forward without their tax debt, leave that behind them, and then do everything correctly going forward.”

The tax professionals at Tax Defense Network have over 35 years of experience in tax debt resolution, including IRS negotiations, financial analysis, and tax preparation.

“Many taxpayers and clients that come to us already have levies and garnishments in place, and they need us to take care of it to go forward. We can do so in a very quick fashion, depending on the information we have at the time. If we determine a taxpayer has a hardship, and the IRS agrees with us, we can get levies or garnishments lifted almost immediately, provided that we have the proper financial information.”

Taxpayers should avoid getting into such a situation where collections are started because it is difficult to have them released without an IRS agreement. The IRS has many payment plans for many types of financial situations; it is only finding the program that best fits a taxpayer that can be challenging. That is why it is essential to have a tax team with the knowledge and experience of matching taxpayers with a program and negotiating the terms and conditions, in order for the taxpayer to pay their debt comfortably.

“I had one taxpayer that was in the construction field that was not taking adequate steps to correct his tax liability in the past. For instance, he was not depreciating any vehicle expenses, tools, any necessary business expenses. So it appeared, at the time to the IRS, that he was making more money than he actually was. Because of the financial analysis, our tax preparation team that went through all of his information was able to figure out what other items he could claim as business expenses that he wasn’t previously claiming. In the end, he was able to keep his business running, able to pay his employees’ payroll tax, and he was able to go forward knowing that he was doing things right without having to look over his shoulder.”

Tax Defense Network provides clients with realistic solutions to their tax issues, by properly assessing their tax situation, matching the taxpayer with the appropriate IRS program, and negotiating a fair agreement that satisfies the debt, and avoids any further collection actions by the IRS.