When taxpayers discover they owe a tax debt, they may consider hiring a licensed tax professional. For complex tax problems, a licensed tax professional can significantly improve a taxpayer’s chances of reaching a favorable resolution. Tax Defense Network’s Senior Associate Licensed Tax Professional and licensed Enrolled Agent, Jessie Seaman, explains the benefits of having a licensed tax professional handling a tax case.

“My primary role is to be an advocate for my clients and to be their representation in front of the IRS, and to handle all negotiations and communications,” says Seaman. “IRS notices can be very threatening, but also convoluted. There is important language within those notices that provide dates to respond and dates to pay. By not responding to those notices, you are opening yourself up to serious collection enforcement.”

Tax Defense Network receives calls from taxpayers every day, stating they have tried to talk to the IRS, but find themselves either on hold for extended periods of time, or receiving conflicting answers from different IRS representatives. Jessie Seaman believes this common problem is why many taxpayers find it difficult to negotiate with the IRS.

“If you pick up the phone, call the IRS, and explain to them your question or your issue, you may be given an answer and sent in one direction. However, if you hang up and call the IRS right back, you will probably get a completely different answer. Unfortunately, a lot of the representatives at the IRS do not understand how to apply the tax code to an individual’s circumstances.

When I’m negotiating with the IRS, if the IRS representative is claiming expenses, which I am claiming are necessary, are not going to be allowed, I am not going to be satisfied with that. I know the burden of proof is on the taxpayer, which means it’s on me, but if I satisfy that burden and am still told it’s not permitted, I’m going to take it to the next step. I will request a conference with the manager, and if they’re unwilling to work with me, I’ll file an appeal.”

Tax Defense Network recognizes the importance of licensed tax professionals in an effective resolution of a tax problem. Tax resolution companies have licensed tax professionals on their staff to help taxpayers reach the best possible solution to their tax problems. An advantage of choosing tax resolution companies over individual licensed tax professionals is that a company has a team of experts, who pool in their expertise to help taxpayers reach a resolution quickly and painlessly. Jessie Seaman agrees.

“I always tell my clients that the IRS is not on your side. Their job is to collect the most amount money from taxpayers as possible. They’re not going to be there to guide you, but I assure you, when you get five or six tax lawyers in a room, a CPA (certified public accountant), and two EAs (enrolled agents) that are on your side; you better believe we know what your options are, we know what your rights are, we know who to call, and we know what to file, while guiding you through the entire process.”