Tax Defense Network has handled all types of tax issues since its inception, but many times it is the small-business clients that have the direst of situations. To respond to the urgency of small-business owners, Tax Defense Network created the Small Business Tax Resolution Experts team, which exclusively assists small-business owners with their IRS debt. Daniel Petri, Associate Licensed Tax Professional, explains what the team’s goals are when dealing with the IRS on behalf of small-business owners.

“I work mainly with the small businesses that come to Tax Defense Network with payroll tax issues, or compliance issues. A lot of our small-business clients come to us with active bank levies, wage levies, or accounts receivable levies. This is the IRS’ favorite method of forcing collections on taxes that are owed. Whether they are missing tax returns that need to be filed, like their 941s or 940s, or owe a large sum of money, we help them find a program that will allow them to resolve their tax liability affordably and in a way that keeps their business running.”

The Small Business Tax Resolution Experts are a team of Licensed Tax Professionals, Enrolled Agents and Certified Public Accounts who are experienced with small-business tax debt, specializing in business tax return filing, payroll tax payments, and forensic bookkeeping and accounting. During the resolution process, they assist clients with releasing any IRS collection actions taken against them.

“One specific story I remember from a small-business client not too long ago, they came in with an active bank levy in place. They were a non-profit organization that had taxes that were owed. Our team was able to work with the Revenue Officer that was assigned to their account to have their bank levy removed so they were able to pay their employees when their payroll was due. Within two weeks, we were able to get them in a resolution with the Revenue Officer that allowed them to pay their taxes back over a period of time at a rate they were financially able to,” explains Daniel.

As a community business, Tax Defense Network understands how complicated business taxes can be. That is why the company created the August small-business special, offering a $500 discount for their services to all business owners.

“What I enjoy most about working at Tax Defense Network,” Daniel says, “is being able to get my small-business clients get back in compliance with the IRS, so they don’t have the IRS looking over their shoulder at every move, and they are able to focus on running their business, paying their employees, and continuing to be a vital part of our economy.”