Tax Defense Network, in the largest launch since the company’s inception in 1997, expanded their website in February. The company redesigned their website with one thing in mind: full transparency.

“We wanted taxpayers to be able to come to the site and find the information they needed with ease,” said Tracy, a marketing analyst at Tax Defense Network.

Along with the vast tax information Tax Defense Network’s website already had, the company has now included a full press release section and blog so taxpayers can better navigate the latest tax news from the IRS and the company itself.

Tracy went on to state that the company’s main focus was separating themselves from other tax resolution companies in the industry by adding a very extensive section: “Our biggest redesign, though, was our website’s ‘Why Tax Defense Network’ page, which includes an interactive map of our former clients and their resolutions, and contact information for clients that agreed to share their story with taxpayers who are thinking of hiring us.”

The “Why Tax Defense Network” section details include client testimonials, media appearances, business partnerships and affiliations, and Tax Defense Network’s new “Community Initiatives” program.

“While we love working with national charities and causes, we also wanted to do things that would positively affect our local community and the residents within it. This program highlights the work we do within Jacksonville,” said Chris Green, part of the Community Initiatives committee.

Tax Defense Network went even further to separate itself from its competitors by not only listing its licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents, and certified public accountant, but also including pictures and a short biography, including education, certifications, and a personal highlight.

“This is something that hasn’t been done in our industry before,” said the company President, Joe Valinho. “We wanted taxpayers to know who we are; who our tax professionals are, and know that not only can they trust us, but they can also be confident that we will resolve their IRS issues.”

The “Meet Our Legal Team” area within the “Who We Are” section on the updated website displays each of the 11 licensed tax professionals Tax Defense Network has on staff, along with the four enrolled agents and certified public accountant, that are the basis of their vast Foxhound legal department.

“We know that taxpayers who are not near our headquarters may be a little hesitant to hire a company outside their own city or state. So our goal with this website was to give them as much information as we could about our company, put a face to our main tax professionals, and be as transparent with our website as we are with our services,” Kara Nuckles, PR manager for Tax Defense Network explained.