Tax Defense Network has partnered with Sports X Radio, a west coast sports radio station out of Las Vegas, to expand their west coast exposure. The partnering was unexpected, but the company discovered that the owner of the radio station was a client of Tax Defense Network who was so satisfied with the services that he wanted to help get the Tax Defense Network name out west.

Kenneth Thomson came to Tax Defense Network unfiled for several years and receiving letters from the IRS about taxes due. Confused by the assessment and worried it would affect his business, Ken wanted to resolve his tax issue quickly.

The tax professionals in Tax Defense Network’s Foxhound department, performed a full tax analysis, including filing all of Thomson’s missing W2s and 1099s, assessing his true tax liability and negotiating with the IRS to put him in a resolution that would avoid any collection actions and resolve his tax issue.

“Tax Defense Network made me feel comfortable knowing they would take care of everything, and confident that I wasn’t being scammed. There were people, numbers, the website was professional; everything was legit. When someone knows that their freedom is being protected, you just can’t put a price on that.

Living in Nevada, I know a lot of people that live on tips, and so many people that have gone years without paying taxes. And it’s just a matter of time before the IRS comes after them. I felt that TDN helped me, so I wanted to help people make that first phone call any way that I could, so I reached out to TDN to help them get their name out on the West Coast. And that’s the whole thing, to remove that fear. If it helps one person, then I feel I accomplished my goal,” said Kenneth Thomson.

“We are like a big family; our staff, our clients, they are what make up our family, so we are excited to keep Kenneth in the family as a partner, and help spread the word about Tax Defense Network’s services to the west coast,” says Kay Wolfson, manager of Business Relations for Tax Defense Network.

Tax Defense Network is a national tax relief company with a staff consisting of licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents, certified public accountants, and an ex-IRS agent with over 35 years of combined tax debt experience. Located next to the second largest IRS hub on the eastern seaboard, Tax Defense Network has resolved over $120 million in client tax debts, including small-business and individual tax issues, while maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.