Tax Defense Network®, a leading tax resolution company, today announced a partnership with Jackson Hewitt Tax Service®, a leading tax preparation service, to help American taxpayers with real tax solutions. By visiting, potential clients will be directed to the Tax Defense Network® website (, where they can secure a free, confidential consultation with a tax debt resolution specialist, who can provide solutions for a number of IRS and state tax issues.

Tax Defense Network® and Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® have teamed up to offer complete tax solutions for hard-working Americans. Regardless of the tax issue, from filing returns to handling back taxes, the new partnership ensures taxpayers will get the help they need. “Our goal is for every client to have the Ideal Client Experience,” commented Tax Defense Network’s® President, Joe Valinho. “We’re proud to be partnered with such a prestigious tax preparation service, who shares our values and commitment to client satisfaction.”

The number of American taxpayers with delinquent tax issues has been on the rise in the last ten years which, in turn, has driven the need for practical solutions. Tax Defense Network® offers affordable, quick answers to a variety of tax issues. Taxpayers dealing with wage or bank garnishments, liens, levies or IRS notices can find a solution with Tax Defense Network®. Regardless of the nature of the tax problem, Tax Defense Network® makes sure that every client is fully informed with reasonable expectations and is offered an affordable solution.

“There is no reason for people to constantly worry about their tax problems, thinking they have no option in dealing with their IRS or state tax debt,” noted Valinho. “There is always a solution and Tax Defense Network® will find it. We’ve helped thousands of individuals across the United States…we have even saved a town! There is no tax problem too big or too small; our goal is to help qualified individuals and businesses, anytime, anywhere.”

Tax Defense Network® is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and has years of experience in resolving tax problems. In consultations with over 126,000 taxpayers, Tax Defense Network® has seen more than $3.3 billion in debt. The team includes certified public accountants, enrolled agents, licensed tax professionals and even a former IRS agent.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® has established itself as a leading tax preparation company and now has a powerful and trusted partner with Tax Defense Network®, to provide total solutions to hard-working Americans. The partnership announcement comes at the perfect time, as tax season has officially begun. No matter if a person needs simple tax return filing or a resolution to a back tax issue, this partnership ensures there will always be an affordable, reliable solution to get taxpayers the help they need to get back on track.

“Sometimes bad things happen to good people. From unexpected illness or a job status change from employed to self-employed, hardworking Americans get overwhelmed and intimidated by the tax-filing process leaving them with tax debt,” said David Prokupek, CEO of Jackson Hewitt. “As a trusted leader in taxes, our promise to work hard for the hardest working, includes helping those with tax debt regain control. The Tax Defense Network® shares our values, with a trustworthy reputation and an outstanding record of client satisfaction.”