Tax Defense Network has proudly partnered up with the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) to assist truckers who need help with taxes. The company has been serving taxpayers since 1997 and, during that time, they have noticed that a large percentage of their clients are owner operators. As a result, Tax Defense Network has made an extra effort to specialize in the tax problems owner operators are often confronted with. The company even has consultants on staff with CDL training.

“Owner Operators are on the road all the time, and they don’t have the luxury of a boss withholding proper tax from their checks,” Amanda Fronckoski, manager of the Client Rewards Program, stated. “They have to do a great deal of itemizing to keep up with all their job expenses. Otherwise, it just looks like they are making money hand over fist.”

Many owner operators depend on friends and family members to help file tax returns. Others do not have the same support and their tax returns go unfiled. The IRS files a Substitute for Return in these situations, and tax owner operators at the highest rate without any credits, deductions, or dependents. Unfortunately, this leads to hefty tax debts that most taxpayers would not be able to afford.

As part of their partnership with OOIDA, Tax Defense Network is offering a $500 discount on services owner operators receive. They have also created a department devoted to the tax problems owner operators often face. Helping this department is a team of licensed tax professionals, ex-IRS agents, enrolled agents, and other tax professionals.

“The transportation industry is vital to the country’s economy, and these truckers go through so much to get the job done. It’s time someone gave them some real tax support, so they can concentrate on putting food on the family table,” Amanda Fronckoski said. Tax Defense Network and OOIDA are hoping that this partnership will do just that for America’s owner operators.