Tax Defense Network PR has been making efforts to inform taxpayers about how they can resolve their tax debt in the simplest manner possible. Being in the tax industry since 1997, Tax Defense Network is aware of the many problems that taxpayers face while getting their tax debt resolved. Through its PR, Tax Defense Network shares their expertise in tax debt cases, such as Tax Defense Network PR Helps Taxpayers Get a Successful Resolution.

Before a taxpayer applies for an IRS tax debt payment plan, taxpayers must fully understand their case. In tax debt cases where taxpayers are unable to pay the entire debt amount in a single payment, it is best to hire professional tax help because it requires negotiation with the IRS. Tax Defense Network advises taxpayers to hire experts, such as enrolled agents, licensed tax professionals and CPAs (Certified Public Accountants).

IRS penalties may come as a surprise to many. A lot of taxpayers are unaware of the various penalties and interest fees the IRS applies to a tax debt. Tax Defense Network PR released the article Get Penalties Removed with a Penalty Abatement to help taxpayers understand. Tax Defense Network explained that the IRS charges 5% of the debt every month for a maximum of 5 months in cases where taxpayers fail to file their taxes on time. Taxpayers who understate their taxes substantially can be charged a penalty by the IRS, with the amount charged depending on the amount of taxes understated.

It is only in cases where there is ‘reasonable cause’ that taxpayers can be exempt from paying the charged penalties. The IRS considers various factors and circumstances that led to a taxpayer’s non-compliance and therefore are considered a reasonable cause.

Approximately 400 taxpayers per month seek advice from Tax Defense Network regarding their tax debt. Thousands of taxpayers could successfully reduce or resolve their IRS back taxes with the help of the tax professionals at Tax Defense Network.

Avoiding tax debt is the best approach. Tax Defense Network Salary: How to File Tips, Awards & Side Income explains how taxpayers can avoid getting into tax debt by filing correctly.

Tax Defense Network PR assists taxpayers in avoiding and resolving tax debt by providing them with expert and statistical information regarding tax debt, IRS policies, tax services, tax laws and more. Taxes are a part of our everyday life, and Tax Defense Network PR assists taxpayers in having a smooth, stress-free tax journey.