Tax Defense Network has not only been offering solutions for tax problems, but has also been giving time and effort for charity. Tax Defense Network PR has been informing people of the various ways in which the company has been contributing to make the lives of others better. The PR of Tax Defense Network is proud to inform that the company has been participating in the American Heart Association’s annual heart walk.

This was in tradition with Tax Defense Network’s efforts to raise funds and awareness for many charitable organizations. The company’s drive for National Truck Drivers is shared in Tax Defense Network’s PR report Tax Defense Network Partners with the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association to Give Relief to Drivers.

Tax Defense Network partnered with Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), an independent trade organization representing independent owner-operators and professional drivers since 1973, to provide relief to truck drivers.

Tax Defense Network assists over 150 owner-operators with over $1 million in trucking tax debt per month. To better assist truck drivers, Tax Defense Network employed tax consultants with CDL training, former transportation professionals and former operators. The company’s licensed tax professionals, ex-IRS agents and enrolled agents completed a special training program on the trucking industry and the tax challenges faced by an owner-operator. Tax Defense Network offers a $500 discount to owner-operators as part of their partnership with OOIDA.

The company along with American Trucking Association devoted a week to honor the 3.1 million professional truck drivers nationwide. Tax Defense Network offered added discounts to truck drivers as a thank you for the wonderful service they provide every day to the people of America.

It is through its PR that Tax Defense Network has been spreading the word about the various charitable organizations that are doing a tremendous job of helping many who are in need of it. One such effort was: Tax Defense Network Participates in the Wounded Warrior Project where the company raised funds for the project through its employees and their families.

Tax Defense Network allowed its employees to wear casual clothes to the office in exchange for monetary contributions to the Wounded Warrior Project. Any contribution was rewarded with necklaces. Employees proudly donated $1246 to the cause. Tax Defense Network keeps looking for ways to assist charitable organizations in their efforts to help the many men, women and children who are in need.

Tax Defense Network PR has been making contributions to various local, national and international charitable organizations and spreading the word about the good work they are doing. Besides being a part of the many charities, Tax Defense Network PR has been promoting charitable organizations by spreading the word through the various channels available to them.