Tax Defense Network PR aims to help taxpayers get the most out of their tax debt resolution by providing them with information about various IRS programs, policies, and tax laws. George from California is a classic example of how Tax Defense Network PR and its team of tax professionals help taxpayers get the most from their tax debt resolution.

Tax Defense Network: Another Pissed Off Customer Made Happy tells of a client of Tax Defense Network who had a tax debt of $125,000. George was unfiled from 2005 to 2010 and faced a bank levy that froze nearly $7,000 from his bank accounts. The IRS seized his safety deposit box filled with priceless family heirlooms.

Tax Defense Network PR explains how the company quickly refiled the substitute returns that the IRS had filed on behalf of George. Tax analysts of the company advised to use the investment income of George and his wife, their tax credits and deductions to file the returns. After the IRS accepted the filings, they released the safety deposit box. After George and his wife were compliant with the IRS, their tax debt was reduced to $7,000 and the tax lien against them was released.

Tax Defense Network PR shares the news of the company’s latest accomplishment with Tax Defense Network is Placed on the Better Business Bureau’s “Nice List” article. Tax Defense Network has been accredited with the BBB since 2008, and has maintained an A rating or higher. It speaks of the commitment of the company to its clients.

To better serve its clients, Tax Defense Network built its own Gold Star Client Care department. Their company philosophy of FIRE (Fully Informed with Realistic Expectations) and ICE (Ideal Client Experience) helps achieve the best results for clients. Tax Defense Network believes in presenting a realistic scenario to taxpayers and guiding them through each step of the resolution process. The company consults over 400 cases per month and has assisted more than 126,000 taxpayers since its inception in 1997.

Tax Defense Network PR is used to help taxpayers resolve their tax issues themselves through articles on self-help such as Tax Defense Network’s Employees Explain Do-it-Yourself Solutions, but Tax Defense Network responsibly warns that only taxpayers who have deep knowledge about tax laws, tax codes, and IRS programs and policies should try to resolve their tax case and negotiate with the IRS themselves.

Tax Defense Network’s legal department Foxhound explains, “Only taxpayers who have a low debt amount of $7500 or less or can pay the tax debt in full should attempt to negotiate a payment plan with the IRS.”

Taxpayers who negotiate with the IRS on their own are often not aware of the fact that after they have gone through the settlement application’s “full financial disclosure” stage, they provide the IRS with all the evidence to support its argument. There is little that a tax service can do to help after that. Many times, taxpayers come for help after they have been denied an Offer in Compromise.

Tax Defense Network PR hopes that taxpayers choose the right tax help at the right time to get a stress-free and successful resolution to their tax problems. Choosing the right help is an important step that can guarantee an early and advantageous resolution to a tax issue.