Internal Revenue Service functions were considerably cut back during the government shutdown, which caused headaches for taxpayers and tax practitioners across the country. Although this posed a challenge to the tax professionals at Tax Defense Network, they found ways to work around the IRS’ shutdown limitations and continued to help clients during this time.

Tax Defense Network’s Foxhound Legal Team works closely with the IRS on a daily basis, and the temporary closing of all local IRS offices and the absence of 91% of the IRS’s workforce considerably affected the team.

So, with the IRS for the most part inaccessible, Tax Defense Network’s licensed tax professionals took advantage of the time normally spent negotiating with the IRS to spend some extra time with clients. They used the shutdown as an opportunity to expand client understanding of the IRS’s complicated tax rules and regulations. The legal team also worked closely with clients to help them obtain difficult information for tax forms and documents, information that normally would have been provided by the IRS.

“We worked very hard during the shutdown to ensure our clients’ cases made progress,” says Jonathan Bochese, Senior Managing Attorney for the Foxhound Legal team, “while also limiting their exposure to enforced collections actions.”

The IRS ceased issuing tax liens and levies during the shutdown, but Tax Defense Network continued to take steps to prepare client cases for when the IRS reopened and resumed collection actions. Foxhound engaged in a request by mail campaign, in which they mailed hundreds of packages to the IRS containing requests for client resolutions.

“Doing so protects our clients,” Jonathan explains. “When it receives certain requests, the IRS is required to put a moratorium on collection actions until the request is fully considered. If the request is rejected, the IRS gives the taxpayer additional time for a response before it resumes collection actions.”

While the government was shut down and the IRS almost completely unavailable, Tax Defense Network remained open and continued to aid and protect taxpayers.

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