A company is only as great as the service or product it provides. Tax Defense Network knows this, and strives to give the best tax resolution services to its clients by streamlining its process and by being one of the most transparent companies within the tax resolution industry.

Recently, Tax Defense Network took its goal of transparency even further and worked closely with the Jacksonville chapter of the Better Business Bureau to incorporate the over 150 reviews on its BBB profile onto its corporate website.

“With so much fraud and manipulation with testimonials, we decided to show our approved Better Business Bureau testimonials our clients gave in order to reinforce our message that what makes us different is our honesty and integrity,” says Kara Nuckles, manager of Public Relations for Tax Defense Network.

Tax Defense Network also enjoys a 96 percent client satisfaction rating with the Better Business Bureau, a number that any company, no matter the industry, would be proud to have.

“Our clients are the reason we do what we do. If they are unsatisfied, then we fix the problem, and then readjust our process to make sure that problem doesn’t happen again,” Kara said. “We go through a lot of changes, but it is always with the goal to do better for our clients, and I think that is why we have an A+ rating with the BBB and a 96 percent satisfaction rating, and we are proud of that!”

Tax Defense Network made all 150+ client testimonials currently on their Better Business Bureau available on their Testimonial page, which is organized by state and includes a “Client Call List,” allowing potential clients to call past clients to ask about their experience directly.

“We know that anyone can say they have positive reviews, but to prove that takes work, and we have made it as easy as possible for taxpayers to verify what we claim. It’s really revolutionary. We’ve basically challenged other companies to verify the testimonials they display,” Kara explained.

Tax Defense Network has consulted with over 127,000 taxpayers and resolved over $120 million in client tax debts since their inception, while maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 2013 has become a banner year so far for Tax Defense Network, first setting a record in client cases completed in a single month, developing a new suite of services to help taxpayers even after their current tax issues are resolved, and now this.