Every day, Tax Defense Network sees the stresses and hardships caused by tax debt. Tax Defense Network helps taxpayers with their tax problems (as showcased in our Twitter feed), but we have also made it our mission to prevent all types of debt whenever possible.

Motherhood Moment is a popular blog that provides tips and tricks to moms and families such as product reviews, advice, coupons, time and money saving techniques and more. This blog is a perfect place for Tax Defense Network to lend its expertise about financial matters. Because every penny counts, especially during the holiday season, Tax Defense Network got together with Motherhood Moment provide some money-saving tips to try out during the holiday season.

Shoppers can save on sales tax by traveling to states with a lower tax rate. Particularly when making large purchases, a lower sales tax rate can save you a considerable amount of money and make the trip out of state worth it. A few states, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon have no sales tax at all, while Minnesota, New Jersey and Vermont have no sales tax on clothing.

Since there is no internet sales tax, online retailers are only required to charge sales tax on goods shipped to states in which they have a physical presence. Shoppers can take advantage of this by shopping for deals online. However, this break from sales tax may not last forever. There are plans in the U.S. House of Representatives to draft a law that establishes an internet sales tax.

Another way to save money when online shopping is to look for free shipping. Shipping costs can add a significant amount to your total purchase. Many online retailers offer free shipping with a minimum purchase, so keep this in mind while shopping. When picking out last minute gifts, check to see which retailers are involved in Free Shipping Day. Free Shipping Day is a day every December, usually around the 17th or 18th, on which retailers offer free shipping and guaranteed delivery by Christmas.

Tax Defense Network is grateful to be able to reach more moms and families through Motherhood Moment blog. More information and advice about saving money and taxes can be found on Tax Defense Network’s company LinkedIn Profile.

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