Tax Defense Network is attending the 9th Annual Bilingual, Latino & Diversity Career Fair, presented by, on Thursday, June 27, 2013, in Jacksonville, Florida. The company’s goal is to hire bilingual tax professionals to assist the many Spanish-speaking taxpayers struggling with tax debt today.

“There is a real need in the Spanish-speaking community for a tax resolution company that has the capability to go through the tax debt resolution process in Spanish,” says Joe Valinho, President of Tax Defense Network. “We want to be the company that Spanish-speaking taxpayers can turn to when in need of help without having to have a translator on the phone, or find someone to translate the paperwork for them.” is a leading Latino Bilingual Job Board and Career Fair company, helping to bring employers and bilingual and Latino career seekers together for over 10 years, in over 170 Bilingual, Latino & Diversity Career Fairs taking place nationwide.

“We think this is a tremendous opportunity to extend our services to a demographic that is often overlooked in our industry,” says Patrick Fekula, Director of Human Resources for Tax Defense Network, who will be attending the event with Shirley Dones, a bilingual Debt Analyst at Tax Defense Network.

Tax Defense Network hopes to recruit Spanish-speaking tax professionals in all areas of expertise, including Debt Analysts, Debt Consultants, and Tax Analysts.

“We want our Spanish-speaking clients to have someone to speak with at every stage of the resolution process without having to translate with another member of their family, so that their resolution time isn’t extended due to a language barrier,” explains Shirley. “And we certainly do not want to turn anyone away simply because we aren’t able to communicate with them. So it’s time for us to make a serious effort to make sure we can help all taxpayers resolve their issues with the IRS.”

Tax Defense Network has consulted with over 127,000 taxpayers and resolved over $120 million in client tax debts since their inception, while maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.