The purpose of a tax resolution firm is to resolve the tax problems of taxpayers. That aim should not be lost due to any reason including salary. Tax Defense Network believes it important for a tax company to remember to follow high standards of service at all times.

Tax Defense Network Salary: Tax Debt Resolution

A legitimate tax company uses the expertise of its tax professionals to achieve the best results for taxpayers. The resolution of tax debt cases involves one or more of the following:

  • Reduction of tax debt
  • Waiver or removal of penalties
  • Qualifying for a debt payment plan
  • Appeals of IRS decisions or the debt itself
  • Postponing the collection of tax debt
  • Resolution of a tax lien
  • Resolution of a tax levy

A successful resolution is achieved through licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents, tax analysts and ex-IRS agents. These tax experts use their deep knowledge of the US tax code, tax laws and IRS rules to prepare for negotiations with the IRS. Taxpayers are kept up-to-date about the proceedings throughout the resolution process.

A tax professional, be it a licensed tax professional or an enrolled agent, negotiates the terms of a tax debt agreement with the IRS. They will provide documentary proof to convince the IRS to agree with the terms of an arrangement that is in favor of the taxpayer.

When resolving a tax debt case, the tax professionals at Tax Defense Network consider salary secondary because they understand the significance and gravity of their work, the seriousness the tax debt cases needs, and the importance to provide professional support to taxpayer clients.

Tax Defense Network Salary: Tax Debt & Taxpayers

Every taxpayer who is in tax debt lives under constant pressure. With the IRS equipped with collection methods, such as a lien or a levy, it is not pleasurable to be living under threat of the IRS seizing or selling a taxpayer’s property or garnishing their wages. Many times, taxpayers do not have money to pay their back taxes in full because it has grown to a substantial sum because of penalties and interest.

Effective help can only be achieved if tax professionals are trained to put taxpayer clients before any other interests, including salary. Tax Defense Network encourages its tax professionals to not only resolve a tax case, but to also consider and help taxpayer clients in handling their tax debt emotionally.

Tax Defense Network Salary: Tax Help & a Successful Resolution

Not all tax help will result in a successful resolution. According to Tax Defense Network, a successful resolution is one where a taxpayer gets the most beneficial resolution for their particular situation.

Tax Defense Network is a tax company that understands the needs of taxpayers, houses licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents, tax analysts and even an ex-IRS agent to achieve the most beneficial resolution for taxpaying clients. That is made possible because the company’s primary aim of helping taxpayers in need of tax help never gets lost under the bottom line.