Tax Defense Network is proud to announce that the company helped its biggest client, the town of Lynch, Kentucky, resolve its IRS tax debt!

“The City Council found itself with the unfortunate position of being in debt to vendors, to the state, and to the [IRS] for unpaid taxes… for nearly a quarter of a million dollars,” explained Anne Carr, City Council member of Lynch, KY. “It’s bad enough to think of an individual citizen having to face [this], but a town?”

The city council members convened to determine the best path to take in order to resolve the issue. With time running out and a Revenue Officer threatening collection actions, Anne reached out to Tax Defense Network.

“The IRS can be very intimidating. We did feel like we needed a go-between [because] we did not feel qualified to deal with the IRS,” said Anne. “I was most impressed with what Tax Defense Network could offer us. Having a price to take care of the whole package was very attractive.”

Tax Defense Network stepped in quickly, reviewing the city’s financial books and tax filings to determine what IRS program would help them resolve their tax liability and prevent the seizure of city assets.

“If we sell our assets, we would have to close the door, and lose the city,” Anne told Richard Close, ex-IRS agent at Tax Defense Network.

The licensed tax professionals at Tax Defense Network prepared the city’s case to present to the Revenue Officer, including a full financial review. The team found that the city was not in a position to pay anything on the tax debt, and submitted a request for a stay of collections, as well as applied for Currently Not Collectible status.

“They saved Lynch,” said City Council member Benny Massey. “They don’t stop. Once you call them, anything you need [is taken care of].”

The IRS accepted the town of Lynch, Kentucky, into Currently Not Collectible status, successfully resolving their tax problem and avoiding the threat of a property seizure.

“If it wasn’t for Tax Defense Network coming in, we wouldn’t have Lynch,” Benny exclaimed.

Tax Defense Network is a national tax relief company with a team of tax professionals who have over 35 years of combined tax debt experience. Tax Defense Network has resolved over $120 million in client tax debts, including small-business and individual tax issues, while maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.