As a community business in Jacksonville, Tax Defense Network takes great pride in supporting our fellow local businesses. During the month of August, Tax Defense Network has pledged to help 500 small businesses resolve their tax debt with the IRS.

“We want to help and support small-business endeavors however we can. We are currently celebrating Small Business Appreciation Month and are offering a $500 discount for our tax resolution services to all business owners,” explains Kay Wolfson, manager of business relations at Tax Defense Network.

Recently, Tax Defense Network became a sponsor of a new CW17 reality show, “Sweet Pete’s, The Show,” which chronicles the day-to-day events of Jacksonville candy shop, Sweet Pete’s. Tax Defense Network visited Mr. Pete himself to get the goods on his delicious treats.

Pete, the first half of the namesake Peterbrooke, a Jacksonville chocolatier staple founded by Pete’s mother, was raised around chocolate and candy. This constant interaction sparked his passion at a young age to make his own delightful treats.

“I went to a candy school. I was in Erie, Pennsylvania, and I learned a lot of different things other than chocolate, like how to work with sugar. I always had an interest in candy, but it didn’t make sense to incorporate my ideas into Peterbrooke because it just wasn’t the platform for it. It made more sense for me to go off on my own, and do something different.”

And different he did! Just like the name says, Sweet Pete’s makes “pure, simple sweets,” with many of its items vegan and gluten-free.

“I noticed there were few people in the candy world making this kind of candy, [and those that did made the candy] with artificial colors. For example, there are a lot of links between artificial red and hyperactivity. There are also a lot of allergens in these colors as well, as they are made from coal and petroleum products. So, I thought it would be better to go back to basics and make color and candy from actual food. That is how the concept of Sweet Pete’s began.”

Tax Defense Network found Pete’s passion for pure candy inspiring, and immediately wanted to be a part of helping Pete and his business.

“We are passionate about small business and entrepreneurship. If we can help a business stay open by resolving their tax debt, or help them gain exposure by sponsoring their show,” states Wolfson, “we want to do our part, and be a part of the community.”