Tax Defense Network was a proud sponsor the Annual Mile High Golf Tournament at the Palencia Golf and Country Club on April 27th, 2012. The Mile High Golf Tournament has raised funds every year for the Shree Shanka Devi School in Nepal. This school is located in a remote village where access to education is very limited, partially due to the very little support given by the government there. It currently enrolls 500 students, 12 classrooms, and a fully equipped science lab.

Last year, the proceeds from the Mile High Golf Tournament provided the school with computers and more land to build facilities for those who have completed grade 10. This year, the Mile High Golf Tournament’s goal was to provide funds to erect the building on the new land and hire 5-6 more teachers. Tax Defense Network’s contribution was enough to pay for school supplies for 25 students or pay six months of salary for one teacher. Tax Defense Network is glad that they were able to support a cause that helps so many children in under-privileged areas across the globe.