April is Autism Awareness Month. Tax Defense Network spent the month participating in several events that raised awareness for this developmental disability that is affecting more and more of America’s youth.

Tax Defense Network found out about the North Florida School of Special Education from Amanda Bodkin, a staff member in the Resolutions Department. Amanda’s younger brother was diagnosed as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and now is a student at the school.

“This school has helped my little brother in so many ways,” Amanda said of the school, “In the last year alone, he has almost become a completely different child. Talking more, interacting more, and we believe this all because of the school, its staff, and its curriculum.”

This school has provided many services to its students with developmental disabilities from 6 to 22 years of age. These services include academics, social skills instruction, speech and language, occupational therapy, vocational training, physical therapy, independent living instruction, and job placement. 100% of the funds raised go toward these important programs.

On April 5th,2012 , Tax Defense Network held a “Casual for a Cause” day. If you contributed toward The Walking Tree fundraiser, you were allowed to wear casual clothing to work that day. The Walking Tree is an annual walk/run fundraiser for the North Florida School of Special Education. Amanda and her family were sponsored by Tax Defense Network to walk, and the school raised the most money to date at this event.