Every month, Tax Defense Network participates in worthy causes, such as the American Heart Association’s Heartwalk in September and Hubbard House in August. This month was no exception. Thursday, October 21, 2010, the office was called to “Save the Ta-Tas,” and they answered in fine fashions. The charity chosen was the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, which is close to many women’s hearts. It was a day of celebration and some serious fundraising.

A donation of five dollars was asked from everyone who wore casual attire. Knowing the staff’s commitment to charitable causes, confidence was high. Pink tees, button downs, ribbons, and bracelets brightened the white-walled space. Clever phrases professing admiration for women’s chests everywhere were plastered on women’s chests everywhere. The event resulted in TDN raising hundreds of dollars for the foundation, exceeding expectations.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is a global leader in the fight against breast cancer, raising almost $1.5 billion in nonprofit funds for breast cancer research since 1982. The donations it receives impacts local communities with programs for free mammograms, starting funds for low-income women to receive treatment, and monetary support for fighting the bureaucracy in clinics. With such Susan G. Komen events as Race for the Cure, Art for the Cure, and the Young Survivors Conference, the foundation strives to keep the world informed by keeping women aware and ongoing research well funded.

Tax Defense Network is proud to have participated in such an event, and believes the wonderful, beautiful and extremely courageous ta-tas of the world are worth fighting for. To make a donation, find more information, or to participate in one of the many Susan G. Komen events, please visit their website.