Tax Defense Network put its best foot forward by participating in the American Heart Association’s (AHA) 2010 Heart Walk on Saturday, Sept. 25. This was an excellent opportunity for Tax Defense Network to give to the AHA, as well as to show their support of employee Jimmy Hutchinson and his family. Jimmy’s father, an honoree at the event, underwent a heart transplant in 2008. “The amount of support I received from TDN during [that time] was overwhelming … Tax Defense Network understood, helping my family and I in more ways than most will ever know. I found this to be amazing,” said Hutchinson.

Tax Defense Network employees rallied around their co-worker, raising $1,500 for the event in under 10 days. Employees who were not able to participate in the walk donated to the cause. “Knowing everything that my father has been through for the past several years and his recovery; it was great to be able to actually do a 3 mile walk with him,” said Hutchinson.”What made it even more special was knowing that my Tax Defense Network family was with me every step of the way … It was a great day.” For Tax Defense Network, being able to give and be a part of the Heart walk wasn’t just a good deed; it was an honor. For the Hutchinson family, the enthusiasm and support they have received from the company in the last two years was a surprise that was an unexpected one but was gladly welcomed.