Tax Defense Network is experiencing unprecedented growth. Following through on their plans to hire over 150 new employees, Tax Defense Network is expanding their main offices to make room for the newly hired professionals. The new space adjacent to the existing offices will bring the total square footage to over 15,000.

The Tax Defense Network’s office-wide expansions are set to be completed October 1, 2009, and will include upgraded client relationship management tools, systems, and security protocols.

The office expansion is not dampening recruiting efforts. Quite the contrary, Tax Defense Network is still hiring for a wide variety of professions. Tax Defense Network seeks licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents, certified public accountants, receptionists, and administrative professionals. At press time, the focus is on hiring 35 professional sales people by the end of October.

“We’re always hiring and looking for the best of the best in the industry,” says the Director of Recruiting for Tax Defense Network. “We look for employees with no limits to their capabilities to grow professionally.”

The office expansion will allow Tax Defense Network to easily deal with the large influx of new clients efficiently and effectively. Along with physically expanding the offices, Tax Defense Network is working with their industry leading software development team to create new office tools tailored to helping our licensed tax professionals and enrolled agents to handle many more clients per month and quickly complete negotiations with the IRS for our clients.

“We’re thrilled with the opportunity to grow further, this will enable us to help more Americans who are in dire need of tax help,” says the Director of Operations for Tax Defense Network. “Our clients are always first in any plans that we execute and the expansion was done with the sole focus of providing them with the best possible experience that only an A Rated BBB company can provide.”