Tax Defense Networks knows that many taxpayers are unable to pay their tax debt in one lump sum. The IRS offers various installment agreements to accommodate those without the financial ability to pay their debt all at once. The most simple installment agreement is the Streamlined Installment Agreement.

A Streamlined Installment Agreement is for taxpayers who owe the IRS $25,000 or less and have the financial capability to pay their debt over a fixed period of time. Monthly payments are made over no more than 72 months until the tax debt is paid in full. Payments are calculated by dividing the total amount of IRS debt by the number of months given to repay the debt.

“A Streamlined Installment Agreement is a really great way for people who can’t, or for whom it would be hard to, pay off their debt all at once to resolve their IRS debt,” says Amanda Fronckoski of Tax Defense Network Business Development. “You have to pay the entire debt, but paying it over time is a lot easier for most people. Just remember: penalties and interest will continue to accrue.”

There are various benefits to the Streamlined Installment Agreement. It allows those for whom it would be hard or impossible to pay all at once to pay over time. It is one of the easiest IRS programs to qualify for and requires the least amount of paperwork. But the main benefit of the Streamlined Installment Agreement is that no financial disclosure is required.

Unlike most IRS resolution programs, financial disclosure is not necessary for a Streamlined Installment Agreement. This allows taxpayers to protect their income and assets. Expenses and spending habits stay completely private as well.

“A lot of people don’t want the IRS looking into their income and assets,” Amanda goes on to say. “I can understand that. The IRS can’t levy or seize what they don’t know is there. With a Streamlined Installment Agreement, you can also protect your bank accounts and 401K. This is important to a lot of people.”

The IRS also offers the Fresh Start Streamlined Installment Agreement for taxpayers who owe $25,000 to $50,000. The only difference from the traditional Streamlined Installment Agreement is that limited financial disclosure may be required. Given the higher amount of debt, the IRS needs to be confident that the taxpayer has the ability to pay the installments in the required time period.

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