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“I was at my wit’s end and did not know where to turn with my income taxes. I was stressed and losing weight. Looking through my phone I came upon Tax Defense Network, and with one phone call I was assured not to worry and they were here to help me. I received a phone call one evening that changed my whole world. I was told a settlement has been reached and I did a happy dance. Ms. A and the entire team worked hard for me and I am so appreciative. I would like to thank everyone that went above and beyond to help me. I would highly recommend Tax Defense Network to anyone. Because of them, I can breathe again.”

— Janice W., Chapel Hill, NC

“I had a major life-changing event happen to me where I found myself in a horrible situation. I contacted Tax Defense Network and they have been amazing. They put me at ease, told me to take a deep breath and that everything will be fine. In 3 months I went from feeling hopeless to getting a phone call and saying that IRS will not be collecting anything from you. What a load off…thanks for all the help.”

— Gray, Saint George, UT

“They’ve done an excellent job. Every time they heard from the IRS, they would let me know. I was very happy with their support, I’ll recommend them to anybody that needs help.”

— Juan H., El Paso, TX

“They kept me updated, and I’m absolutely satisfied with the service. I saved money, and their customer service is above and beyond. They’re very communicative, and explain everything that’s going to happen. It’s the best decision I’ve made.”

— Jonathan E., Escondido, CA

“They were very pleasant people and very easy to talk to. Plus, they kept me updated during the whole process, so I’m very happy with them. I’m glad I did it, and now we would recommend them to anybody. You always know what they’re doing, and I saved money!”

— Kenneth M., Hanceville, AL

“I’m very happy with Tax Defense Network’s service I received. They helped me get compliant again with the IRS. It’s worth the money spent to give me peace of mind. If I had to do it all again, I would choose this company to help me — very satisfied!”

— Sandra B., Dade City, FL

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