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What Do Tax Attorneys Do To Help Tax Debt

Important Tax Attorney Questions

In the event that you have to seek tax relief, there are some important questions to ask. What kind of tax problem do you have? How long have you been avoiding it? Should you start researching tax attorneys? Depending on your circumstances, IRS debt relief may be necessary to keep you from slipping into a financial chasm.

While handling a small, simple tax issue may prove to be a solo endeavor, there are certain times when a tax relief attorney is a good friend to have. But have you asked, “What do tax attorneys do?” Prior to searching for assistance, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with what tax professionals can do for you.

When Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

Before exploring your resolution options, begin by looking at your specific tax situation. If you haven’t actually received notice from the IRS, for instance, there likely isn’t a problem. This might seem like common sense, but people often second guess their returns or wonder if they may have an issue without knowing it. The good news is that the IRS sends notices any time they identify a problem with your taxes. As long as your address is current, you shouldn’t have much reason to worry.

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Another question to ask before you get to, “do I need a tax attorney in choosing the correct IRS tax resolution?” is, “how serious is my tax issue?” Assuming you receive a notice from the IRS, you can’t automatically infer that you need to track down a tax lawyer. Even if you have an assessed balance, there may not be a need to seek professional assistance. It will be prudent to understand to what you need to know before hiring a tax law firm for more complicated issues, such as audits, contesting an erroneous tax debt or handling an expensive liability.

Tax Debt Attorney Details

So, you’ve established that given the size of your IRS debt, tax attorney intervention has become necessary. What can you expect and what can a tax attorney do? In a nutshell, a tax attorney or licensed tax professional will work with the IRS on your behalf to ensure that you receive a legal resolution to your tax problem, while affording you the lowest payment allowable by law. This can be particularly important if your monthly finances are such that an additional tax bill would present you with a financial hardship.

Your tax professional can work to get you a low monthly payment-that is compliant with IRS regulations-or, in some instances, enable you to avoid paying at all. In the case of a financial hardship, a tax professional can argue that incurring a monthly tax payment would saddle you with an untenable financial burden. You may qualify for Currently Not Collectible status, which prevents you from making payments on the tax debt and allows you to avoid IRS collection action until your financial status improves.

Licensed tax professionals can offer a wide range of solutions, each one tailored to your unique tax issue. Additionally, you can be assured that your liability will be handled quickly by an individual who has plenty of experience dealing with the IRS. You may consider reaching out to Tax Defense Network, LLC for a no-cost consultation regarding your tax concern. Knowing when to hire a tax attorney really comes down to what they can offer you; if nothing else, an affordable solution and peace of mind.

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