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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Tax Law Firm

How to Find a Tax Firm

Tax firms, like any other business, should be judged on experience and reputation. But unlike many other professionals you might hire, an income tax attorney is privy to some of your most sensitive personal and financial information. If it becomes necessary to hire an attorney, how do you know who you can trust?

There are some key indicators that separate tax law firms from fly-by-night imitators. These distinctions can mean the difference between enlisting a tax law firm that will adequately handle your issue, and one who is going to exploit you at a time when you’re most vulnerable. As you negotiate the often vague internet landscape, be wary of some red flags.

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Overt Warnings

The first litmus test when it comes to hiring an attorney, as in most cases, is whether or not he or she is honest. Finding a scrupulous advocate will likely come down to some research, followed by a few phone calls. And sometimes it doesn’t take much to discern that the person you’re looking at is crooked; or at least marginally bent.

Any individual or company claiming “too-good-too-be-true offers” should be avoided at all cost. What does this look like? Anyone advertising “penny on the dollar” tax settlement offers is one example. Another would be promises of little-known tax tricks or loopholes that will allow you to avoid paying your liability. Pay close attention to the language used; if it seems like an unbelievably good deal, exercise some healthy skepticism.

Matters of Compensation

A subtle but important indicator of the type of entity you’re dealing with is how they request payment. While you might easily find what seems like an affordable tax attorney, listen closely to their payment terms. Disreputable tax organizations will always be given away by the language they use, particularly when it comes to their preferred method of compensation.

If you find yourself arguing with a company representative who insists that you pay for services in advance, or all at once, you can and should decline their assistance. Trustworthy tax resolution companies or income tax attorneys will allow you to make payments for services in installments. Similarly, any consultation you receive should in most instances be at no charge to you.

The Devil is in the Details

When you are presented with a potential solution to your tax problem, don’t be afraid to ask questions. In fact, you should inquire about anything that is not explained in detail. You should have a clear understanding of the procedural requirements necessary to handle your tax issue, as well as an estimated timeframe for completion.

What you don’t want to do is to except help from anyone who is vague about how your resolution will be executed, or cannot verify that the quoted cost will not change a month into your case. It may be apparent to you when to hire a tax attorney, but knowing who to hire is not always as clear. However, by taking the time to review some of these critical details in advance, you can save yourself from dealing with questionable, albeit affordable tax attorneys. Should you simply need a no-cost consultation to determine your tax resolution options, you may wish to contact Tax Defense Network, LLC. There is no obligation to accept their services following your initial free, no risk, consultation and you have access to their extensive online reviews.

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