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Hiring a Lawyer for IRS Tax Help vs. Doing It Yourself

IRS Help or DIY?

It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether you really need IRS tax help or if you can just gut it out yourself. There are certainly instances when an internet search for “tax lawyers” is in your best interest. But a simple solution doesn’t require the intervention of an IRS lawyer. Often times, it comes down to a matter of degrees.

When you’re dealing with back taxes, help may not be necessary. One unfiled return would likely entail sacrificing an afternoon or evening to get it done. Help with taxes may, on the other hand, be more advisable in situations that involve several years’ of unfiled returns or matters of sizable liabilities. In order to determine your potential need for back tax help, consider your circumstances.

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Why You Wouldn’t Need an IRS Tax Lawyer

The first question to ask is what type of IRS notice did you receive? Bear in mind that the IRS sends correspondence for a wide variety of reasons, not just to call out nefarious activities. A request for updated information, for instance, would not necessitate professional assistance. Similarly,”how to hire a lawyer” shouldn’t even come up if you’re asked to verify reported income information.

Tax lawyers are not required if you’re filing a simple return or if you’re not contesting an IRS assessment or judgment. Too often, taxpayers allow prejudice of our most powerful collection agency to get the better of them. Considering a lawyer to handle your IRS matter should never be a knee-jerk reaction to a benign IRS request. Nevertheless, there are instances when you should strongly consider enlisting a licensed tax professional which in many instances may not be a lawyer.

Why You Might Need Help with Back Taxes

The decision to hire a lawyer again comes down to first examining the contents of your IRS notice. If you’re informed that you’re being charged with a liability that you’re certain isn’t correct, you may not want to act alone. Help with IRS debt, one that is incorrect or excessive, can be critical because such an issue is typically time-sensitive. Hiring a lawyer, or at least a licensed tax professional, can be to your advantage because the issue will be handled in an expeditious and accurate manner.

You may also consider federal tax help if you’ve neglected notices requesting payment or action over a protracted length of time. The IRS will allow you a reasonable timeframe to resolve the identified problem, but ultimately you leave yourself vulnerable to aggressive collection efforts. Likewise, in matters of a tax audit, help from a licensed tax professional may be better than facing this situation on your own.

Serious Situations

There are certain instances that definitely require at least a conversation with a licensed tax professional. Tax levy help, such as a wage or bank garnishment, can be difficult to negotiate on your own. Again, contesting this type of action requires expertise that you may not possess.

No matter what, it is always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to your taxes. In order to weigh all of your options, you may wish to schedule a no-cost consultation with a tax resolution company that employs licensed tax professionals. Tax Defense Network, LLC, specializes in a wide range of tax issues that you may face. At the very least, ensure that you’re making an informed decision before you take action. You don’t have to assume the worst when it comes to the IRS, but you also can’t afford to make any mistakes.

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