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Why You Might Not Need a Tax Relief Attorney

Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

When you’re handling a federal or state tax issue, you may consider getting independent tax relief services. But where do you start? Is your issue one that requires traditional litigation experience, or merely the assistance of a seasoned tax professional?

As you consider what type of tax consultant to reach out to, there are some important points to consider. Tax attorneys provide services which may prove invaluable to your specific case, but there are instances where you may only need a CPA or an enrolled agent. Tax resolution encompasses a wide range of professionals who can help, depending on the severity of your tax issue.

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IRS Attorney Questions

Do you need an IRS tax attorney? This is a frequently asked question amongst taxpayers seeking a legal resolution to their tax problems. In fact, “IRS attorneys” are a pair of genericized words that often cover a vast spectrum of tax professionals. When you’re dealing with the IRS, tax attorneys–in the traditional sense–can be critical in severe situations, such as those threatening outcomes that include incarceration or huge payments, penalties, fines or other significant liabilities.

But IRS tax resolution is more than just preventing a walk to the proverbial gallows. Before you hire an attorney, ask yourself, “how serious is my tax problem?” If, for instance, you simply need help catching up with a few unfiled years, hiring an attorney may not be necessary. You may still require assistance, but not necessarily from someone who’s going to fence with an IRS prosecutor.

Tax Professionals at Your Disposal

You wouldn’t go to an optometrist when you have an ear infection; tax professionals work much the same way. Like doctors, licensed tax professionals specialize in different areas of expertise. In the example of unfiled years, a reputable Certified Public Accountant (CPA) may be the best fit for resolving your problem.

Alternatively, if you’re receiving IRS notices threatening seizure of property, you may require the attention of a tax debt attorney. Even then, though, an Enrolled Agent (EA) may suffice in handling your tax resolution. The most important thing to remember is that every situation is subjective; you can’t assume that your circumstances add up in such a way that you need a tax attorney to solve your tax problem.

Pairing Your Tax Problem with the Right Professional

If you’re trying to decide if and when to hire a tax attorney, there are few smart steps to take. First, conduct some research into your tax problem. The IRS has excellent resources on their website,, where you can learn more about the specifics of your tax issue. There is even a chance that your solution will be as simple as paying the few hundred dollars the IRS is asking for; you certainly wouldn’t spend money for a tax attorney to explain how to handle this.

On the other hand, if you have any questions about how to proceed, don’t move forward on your own. You can reach out to a tax resolution company, such as Tax Defense Network, LLC, for a no-cost consultation. Your tax problem will be assessed and, if necessary, will be assigned to the appropriate licensed tax professional. At the very least, you can receive peace of mind that you’re handling your tax issue in the best way possible.

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