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The Right Tax Resolution with the Right Tax Advisor

Do You Need a Tax Attorney for Your IRS Resolution?

If you’re facing an IRS problem, it may be your first instinct to seek a tax lawyer. However, there are a number of different tax advisors who may be able to assist you. When you’re attempting to determine precisely what type of tax consultant to contact, you may begin by examining what kind of tax resolution you actually need.

Tax lawyers may be necessary to handle your IRS issue, particularly if you’re dealing with a complicated or advanced-stage collection situation. Tax attorneys can certainly represent you in most cases, but this may not be essential to resolving your concern. Before you reach out to a tax lawyer, take a look at your options in relationship to your problem.

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Your Tax Issue

IRS lawyers may be called upon to assist with a volatile IRS situation, but you may be able to take a different approach. The right certified tax resolution specialist for you will depend on what you need. For instance, IRS tax resolution for you may just consist of filing a return. If this is the case, you may need to speak with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Other tax resolution specialists, such as Enrolled Agents (EA’s), may be needed if you’re filing multiple years’ returns or you have a tax debt. Since your tax problem resolution may take hours or even days, it behooves you to find the right individual. This will ensure the issue is addressed correctly, the first time.

Tax Debt Resolution

A common, but often complicated IRS issue involves a delinquent liability. The nature of your debt figures greatly into not only the type of professional you need, but ultimately the resolution which will be necessary. A tax resolution specialist, such as an Enrolled Agent, will need to have a clear understanding of how much is owed and what level of IRS action you’re facing before moving forward.

Professional tax resolution for your debt may involve an Installment Agreement, which enables you to pay what is owed over a period of months or years. If you don’t have the ability to pay even a portion of the debt, you may qualify for Currently Not Collectible status; this prevents any action from being taken against you until you have the ability to pay. The type of resolution for which you qualify will be determined by your chosen tax professional.

Federal Tax Resolution Complications

If you’re liable for an IRS tax debt, you must exercise caution. First, you’ll typically be expected to respond to any notification within 30 to 90 days from the time your notice is sent. Additionally, you’ll either need to pay what is owed or determine the appropriate resolution within the prescribed timeframe.

It is critical that you adopt a strategic tax resolution; one that satisfies the IRS and meets your financial limitations. A licensed tax professional understands that promptness and accuracy are essential to your success. You can request a no-cost consultation with a tax resolution company and you’ll be assigned the correct specialist to handle your tax issue, quickly and affordably.

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