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Hiring a Tax Attorney vs an IRS Enrolled Agent

Do You Really Need a Tax Lawyer?

You might not realize that “IRS enrolled agent” is an option in your internet search results when you’re attempting to resolve a tax problem. What exactly is an Enrolled Agent? This is the alternative to seeking a tax attorney, who may not be necessary to resolve your issue.

Although a tax attorney may be critical in averting a high-flying, high-cost IRS or state tax disaster, many tax grievances can be resolved with other tax professionals–such as an Enrolled Agent. If you think you need to hire a lawyer, there are steps you can take beforehand to ensure you’re on point. Many IRS tax problems simply require the care of licensed tax professional.

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Hire an Attorney or an Enrolled Agent?

IRS tax resolution is more than preventing jail time for hiding money overseas or masterminding a tax scam. An IRS tax professional handles a varied mix of tax problems for everyday people like you, including unfiled returns or unpaid back taxes. However, certified tax resolution specialists come in many forms. You may need to hire an attorney in certain instances, but the severity of your tax issue will reflect the type of assistance you should look for. Enrolled agents can help with creating formal tax resolutions, preparing returns and representing you during an audit.

Another point to keep in mind is that IRS tax resolution professionals range in qualifications and experience, not just in areas of expertise. Hiring an attorney or IRS tax resolution professional is something that should be done with thorough research. When it comes to your tax problem, help should be evaluated on reputation, credentials and terms of service. “When do you need a tax attorney?” is an important question to ask, but should be immediately followed with, “Who is best qualified to help me?” Tax resolution specialists often focus on a variety of taxpayer issues. Remember, your tax problem resolution should be tailored for you, specifically.

Tax Relief Assistance Essentials

As you’re seeking the right tax professional–attorney or enrolled agent–you can be reasonably sure that learning more about the individual is always a good play. Doing an internet search for “help with tax?” enrolled agent statistics, such as those provided on a consumer review site, can assist greatly. Tax debt resolution reviews are essential in helping you choose the right professional. Similarly, searching for “do I need a tax attorney?” will bring a plethora of options bubbling to the surface; take a close look at potential candidates’ experience and client reviews.

Tax resolution specialists handle a wide range of tax issues. When you’re looking for professional tax resolution or determining when to hire a tax attorney–especially in dire IRS situations–may be obvious. Knowing who to trust is something that can only be determined by painstaking attention to what people have to say about the individual or company you’re going to trust with your most private financial information. Ultimately, you’ll want to choose the most promising option and make a phone call to get the answer to, “What can a tax attorney do?”

Be sure that when you contact a licensed tax professional, your consultation comes at no charge. This will allow you to offer information about your situation without having to commit to their services on the spot. Tax Defense Network, LLC offers such a no-cost consultation and will provide a proposed plan of action with no obligation. In the end, whether you need a tax attorney or an enrolled agent, you should be certain that the person you select is one you can trust.

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