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What Type of Tax Resolution Advisor Do You Need?

Tax Attorney vs Licensed Tax Professional

It might seem obvious that you need to talk to a tax lawyer, especially if you have an officer from the Internal Revenue Service standing outside your front door. In other, less extreme circumstances, you may simply need a tax advisor or licensed tax professional. Looking for IRS help for in-between situations can be difficult, particularly if you’ve never had to do it before.

A tax consultant can be a reliable resource for determining a tax resolution path. Such an individual can be found at a tax resolution company, one that will pair you with the right tax professional for your problem. Before seeking tax advice, though, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some questions that will be asked of you to ensure you’re matched with the right tax pro.

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IRS Tax Help FAQ’s

Your consultant will begin by asking you to describe your IRS issue and perhaps what type of tax resolution you’re seeking. An experienced consultant knows that tax problems require tailor-made solutions, and will ask a battery of questions to have a clear understanding of the issue at hand. IRS back taxes, for instance, is merely a blanket category to describe an unpaid liability. But the specifics of your case–how much you owe, the age of the debt, what IRS action you’re facing–all matter to qualified tax consultants.

The fact that IRS tax problems vary from taxpayer to taxpayer accounts for the range of professionals you might need. Help with IRS debt, as an example, may simply require assistance with a payment agreement. This type of matter would potentially be assigned to an Enrolled Agent, who can work with the IRS on your behalf to achieve a satisfactory arrangement. The right IRS tax professional will be assigned based on the questions asked of you by your consultant to ensure the right fit for your problem. Certified tax resolution specialists handle a wide array of tax concerns, but your IRS tax resolution should be tailored to your unique problem.

Advanced IRS Tax Resolution

Tax resolution specialists understand that time may be against you. Tax problem resolution often requires immediate, careful attention. A wage garnishment, for instance, would constitute an IRS tax problem that would need to be addressed immediately. In the event that a portion of your wages are taken, or offset, to satisfy an unpaid liability, a formal tax debt resolution will need to be established. Whether this is best handled by a tax attorney or an Enrolled Agent will be at the discretion of your consultant, and will be based on the aforementioned factors in your case.

Another area of immediate concern includes property seizure. Ideally, you’ll locate the right tax professional to help you before the IRS takes such a severe measure. Even if you’re in the midst of having business or personal assets seized, you should heed the advice of a tax consultant and proceed accordingly. The most important thing you can do when you have a tax problem is to address it early on and avoid invasive collection efforts.

Regardless of the IRS tax issues you’re facing, a solution is within reach. Before deciding on your own whether you need a tax attorney or some other type of tax resolution specialist, consider speaking with a consultant. Tax Defense Network, LLC has a staff of fully capable, licensed tax professionals who are at your disposal. You can schedule a no-cost consultation to explore your options for professional tax resolution and determine the optimal direction to take.

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