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Tax Defense Network Saves Lynch, Kentucky

In 2008, the city of Lynch, Kentucky was notified of an outstanding back tax debt. The IRS was demanding nearly a quarter of a million dollars and threatening to seize the town’s assets – City Hall, historic monuments and tourist attractions, such as “Mine Portal 31,” unoccupied buildings, and even police cars and fire trucks.

“It’s bad enough to think of an individual citizen having to face that,” said Anne Carr, Lynch’s City Council President, “but a town to have to face that?”

Thankfully, Carr contacted Tax Defense Network. “We did not feel qualified to deal with the IRS,” Carr stated. “We didn’t have that kind of background.”

The team at Tax Defense Network immediately got to work with Lynch Mayor Bob Collier and Lynch’s Board of Finances, investigating all documentation to reach a final resolution.

In the end, Tax Defense Network’s Foxhound team negotiated a Penalty Abatement with the IRS and placed Lynch, Kentucky, in a tax debt resolution the city could afford. All IRS seizures, levies, and collection actions were stopped, and Lynch, Kentucky was saved.

“I was most impressed with [Tax Defense Network’s] expertise, number one,” said Carr. “Number two, a willingness to take on a city in good faith that we would pay […] and they worked out a payment plan for us.”

“[You] saved Lynch,” said Benny Massey, a member of Lynch’s City Council. “If it wasn’t for Tax Defense [Network], we wouldn’t have Lynch.”

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