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Taxes are complicated and stressful. When knowing what to file, when to file and how much to pay are all up to you, mistakes happen.

Some tax problems can be handled easily with a simple phone call to the IRS, but once a tax debt reaches a certain amount, it can be difficult to pay or avoid the IRS’s aggressive collection actions. These escalated collection measures include:

  • IRS Tax Liens: The IRS will place a claim against a taxpayer’s property or person as collateral for a tax debt.
  • IRS Bank Levies: The IRS will seize funds from a taxpayer’s bank account(s) or accounts receivable for an IRS tax debt.
  • IRS Wage Garnishments: The IRS will seize a portion of a taxpayer’s wages, paycheck, or salary to satisfy a tax debt.
  • IRS Social Security Levy: The IRS will seize a portion of a taxpayer’s Social Security Benefits to satisfy a tax debt.

Liens, levies and garnishments can affect your finances and your credit, making it difficult to obtain loans from a bank or other private lenders, buy or sell a home, or even rent property. These actions can sometimes leave taxpayers without enough money to live. Other problems tax debt can cause include:

  • Payroll tax issues: The IRS can take serious measures, including collection actions, to recoup a payroll tax debt from a business. These collection actions can even include personally assessing a business member a portion of the unpaid payroll tax.
  • Penalties and interest: The IRS will charge penalties and interest on a tax debt until the full tax debt is paid.
  • Unfiled taxes: The IRS will not negotiate an agreement with a taxpayer who is unfiled for any tax years. It is essential that a taxpayer be up-to-date on all filings before entering into any contracts with the IRS. In addition, the IRS can file estimated tax returns on behalf of a taxpayer for an unfiled tax period. These estimated returns are almost never to the taxpayer’s advantage.

Tax Defense Network’s team of licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents, and tax professionals are equipped to handle these common tax problems, giving you the best resolution for your IRS issues.

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