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We’ve consulted on over $16 billion in tax debt since 2007 - See what real people are saying about how we changed their life

There’s No Magic Genie to Make Your Tax Debt Disappear. That’s Why There’s Tax Debt Forgiveness.

Catch a break from the IRS when you can’t pay with an IRS forgiveness program.


is what some not-so-trustworthy companies think is an appropriate charge for the first call in an “IRS Review.”


is what we think is the right price for an initial consultation and in-depth IRS review.

$17 billion

in tax debt that we’ve serviced since 2007.

Why choose Tax Defense Network for help with IRS forgiveness of tax debt?

A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau

Work with trusted professionals who care about bringing you peace of mind.

Licensed tax professionals

With a decade in business, our extensive expertise is at your service.

Free initial consultation

Commitment-free, no-cost consultation with a tax professional to get started.

Easy, affordable, and customized to you

Personalized solutions that fit your life and your budget.

What We Do


During your free, no-commitment consultation, we’ll discuss your tax debt issues to see what IRS payment plan or federal tax debt forgiveness program would work to your benefit.


While we research, we consider all tax forgiveness and relief options before coming up with customized recommendations for your situation.


Once we decide on a course of action, we’ll work with the IRS on your behalf and keep you in the loop throughout the whole process. Our number-one concern is your tax resolution and peace of mind.

“My personal experience with TDN was nothing short of life-changing. I’d been saddled with 23k in tax debt and I honestly thought it was going to follow me forever. I called TDN on a whim and I’m very glad I did. My entire debt has been deemed “uncollectable,” which means, unless I win the lottery in the next few years, my debt is forgiven. All in all, a great experience. I’m back to living my best life. Thanks, Tax Defense Network!”

- Paul L.

Common Questions About Tax Debt Forgiveness

Q: What is tax debt forgiveness?

IRS tax debt forgiveness allows your debt amount to either be significantly reduced or canceled, which can be life-changing for those who qualify. If you’re wondering, “Does the IRS forgive debt?” the answer is a resounding yes, depending on your current situation. The federal tax forgiveness program is based on your present financial condition and means the IRS can’t collect on more than you can pay. If you have other questions about taxes, forgiveness of debt, or any other topics, our experienced professionals are happy to share their knowledge.

Q: What types of IRS tax debt forgiveness exist?
Tax relief comes in many forms. You may qualify for various IRS payment plans, such as an Installment Agreement, that allows you to pay what you owe over time. Alternatively, if you’re eligible for an Offer in Compromise, you can settle your debt for less than the total owed.
Q: What’s the difference between tax debt forgiveness and Currently Not Collectible?
Full or partial IRS debt forgiveness like an Offer in Compromise, Innocent Spouse Relief, or Penalty Abatement means your liability is reduced from the original owed amount, but you’ll still make payments promised to the IRS. If you truly can’t afford any payment without landing in financial hardship, you could be considered Currently Not Collectible (CNC), or in an IRS non-collectible status. A non-collectible status means the IRS will suspend collection efforts until you’re able to pay something toward your back taxes. If your financial situation doesn’t improve, however, you may be able to avoid paying your tax debt indefinitely.
Q: What is this I hear about tax debt forgiveness after 10 years?
The IRS has 10 years from the date of assessment (the date they determined that you owed a debt) to collect. However, this isn’t exactly an easy way out. The IRS will still take collection actions against you and you will still encounter liens, levies, wage garnishment, and other unfortunate consequences.
Q: Is there such thing as a debt forgiveness tax calculator?
The internet is full of misleading tax debt calculators. However, because tax debt forgiveness is such a complicated matter, it’s best to consult with a professional to get the most accurate understanding of how IRS tax forgiveness could help you.

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