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IRS Appeals

Contesting an IRS Decision

Following a request for tax resolution, such as an IRS tax settlement, you may not be satisfied with the answer you’re given. If the IRS doesn’t rule in your favor when you request an agreement or contest a balance, you may want to consider an IRS appeal. You might just be able to get them to reverse their decision.

The IRS appeals process, like most experiences you will have with the IRS, requires meticulous attention to details and swift action. If you have already been denied one IRS request, you will want to make sure that the second argument you present is airtight (simply refiling your original request will waste a perfectly good appeal opportunity). Since you want to make the most of your appeal, you may want to consider professional tax assistance.

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IRS Tax Resolution Details

Tax resolution organizations work on your behalf with the IRS to reach an agreement over a specific tax issue. In the case of the IRS appeal process, a licensed tax professional will carefully review all of the documentation supporting your claim, build a detailed and reasoned argument, and then present this to the IRS. You will be provided a clear explanation of the series of events leading up to and during your appeal.

The advantage of enlisting a licensed tax professional is multi-faceted. First, your window of time to submit your appeal will be narrow and the IRS is not likely to grant you an extension. Second, your tax professional will painstakingly examine every aspect of your argument, suggest additional information to include and execute your IRS tax appeal within the letter of the law. You have the benefit of a seasoned tax professional’s consultation and guidance, while likely improving the likelihood of presenting the IRS with a sound argument.

You vs the IRS Appeals Division

You can always decide to continue dealing with the IRS on your own. However, you may find this problematic. As previously mentioned, time is of the essence. You may not be able to carve out enough hours in your day to effectively shape your appeal.

Also, if you don’t have experience handling complex tax issues, an appeal may not be something you should attempt sans assistance. Again, considering that the IRS has already dismissed one request, it seems improbable that you would receive a completely opposite decision after a second attempt. If your appeal is denied, you’ll be left with the same tax problem…to handle all by yourself.

If you decide that an IRS appeal is best left to a licensed tax professional, you have the luxury of knowing that it will be handled the right way. Even if your tax pro is not able to get your appeal approved, he or she can follow up with a tax solution that will be affordable to you and amenable to the IRS. Whatever tax issue you’re facing, it pays to hedge your bets. When it comes to an IRS appeal, enlisting a tax professional turns the game in your favor.

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