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Tax Defense Network Stood Up to Cyber Bully Attack

Cyber Bully Attack on Tax Defense Network
Bullies Never Win!

We know a bully when we see one! Every day we successfully deal with the world’s largest bully – the IRS. The solution to today’s cyber bully is no different than the way we deal with the IRS – We Stand Up and Fight!

That’s exactly what we did. We stood up against every so-called “internet expert” who said to run and not face the bully. Instead, we tackled this bully head-on!

Fake Complaints – Totally Exposed

Our constant communication is what ultimately exposed the entire internet smear campaign, where not a single complaint was found to be legitimate. These fake complaints are a ploy to ruin a great company’s reputation by hiding behind notoriously known “safe-haven” websites for bullies.

These websites are part of an internet underworld that protects and allows cyber bullies to run their negative campaigns, not only on small businesses, but also individuals. Innocent, random Americans have been targeted and destroyed by cyber bullies. These unethical websites wrap themselves in the first amendment. They don’t protect the public; they protect their cyber bully friends. Be careful!

Fake Complaints – Totally Exposed

We are in the process of working with law enforcement and government agencies to find and prosecute the cyber bully(s) that believes their lawless attacks will go unpunished.

Our family of over 150 employees thanks you for reading our story, and we stand ready to fight for you against the Internal Revenue Service’s levies, liens, and collection tactics. No bully is too big for Tax Defense Network!

Date Title Reviewer Complaint Board Review
9/27/2013 tax defense network Scammed me out of $9,000.00!!!! jacksonville Florida Henry Ripoff Report Fake
10/11/2013 Tax Defense Network Tax Defense Network Lied to my husband and I and Scammed us with phony website!! Jacksonville Florida Ada P. Ripoff Report Fake
10/11/2013 tax defense network ripped me off Anonymous Pissed Consumer Fake
10/11/2013 Tax Resolution Services – Tax Defense Network superman1234 My3Cents Fake
10/14/2013 Tax Defense network scam exposed Anonymous Pissed Consumer Fake
10/14/2013 Wall and Associates Inc. Wall & Associates is a SCAM Wall & Associates took my money Nationwide Internet Debra Ripoff Report Fake
10/14/2013 Tax defense network never refunded the money they promised Anonymous Pissed Consumer Fake
10/15/2013 tax service Melissa Q. Complaints Board Fake
10/15/2013 Tax Defense Network lied to me and tried to hide their negligance Anonymous Pissed Consumer Fake
10/16/2013 incompetent tax attorney Tony W. Complaints Board Fake
10/17/2013 tax defense network tax attorneys the tax attorneys at tax defense network sent the irs the wrong information Nationwide Jose Ripoff Report Fake
10/17/2013 Tax Defense Network Totally Mishandled My Case bomber35135 My3Cents Fake

We recommend consumers who are researching a company consult the Better Business Bureau’s website. The BBB does not allow anonymous reviews, and accordingly, the reviews posted on the BBB site reflect the real experiences of verified clients. Founded in 1912 to promote an ethical marketplace, the BBB has a long history as an organization that consumers can trust. The BBB has awarded Tax Defense Network an A+ rating, which we work hard to keep and maintain.
You can visit our BBB page and read verified reviews from real clients at this link:

Unlike Tax Defense Network, these complaint sites are not accredited businesses with the BBB. In fact, these sites have the worst possible ratings.
Ripoff Report: F Rating
Pissed Consumer: F Rating
Complaints Board: F Rating
My3Cents: Red Alert

UPDATE: New Information on the Cyber Bully!

In its investigation into the cyber bully attack, Tax Defense Network has discovered that it isn’t the bully’s only target. Several tax firms were hit in what looks like a concentrated attack on certain companies in the industry. If you look closely, some of the same reviewers who posted about Tax Defense Network also review other tax companies on the same day. We suspect a competitor has resorted to dishonest tactics to take down others in the industry.

Date Company Reviewer Complaint Board Review
10/02/2013 New Century Tax John C. Ripoff Report Fake
10/08/2013 Tax Resolution Services Larry Ripoff Report Fake
10/10/2013 Ideal Tax Solution Chad Ripoff Report Fake
10/11/2013 Signature Tax unknown Ripoff Report Fake
10/14/2013 Signature Tax unknown Ripoff Report Fake
10/14/2013 Signature Tax Anonymous Pissed Consumer Fake
10/15/2013 Tax Resolution Services Melissa Q. Complaints Board Fake
10/15/2013 Instant Tax Solutions Melissa Q. Complaints Board Fake
10/15/2013 Signature Tax Melissa Q. Complaints Board Fake
10/15/2013 Tax Defense Partners Jose Ripoff Report Fake
10/15/2013 Instant Tax Solutions Anonymous Pissed Consumer Fake
10/16/2013 Optima Tax Tony W. Complaints Board Fake
10/16/2013 US Tax Shield Tony W. Complaints Board Fake
10/16/2013 Wall and Associates Ronda Washington Complaints Board Fake
10/16/2013 Optima Tax Anonymous Pissed Consumer Fake
10/17/2013 US Tax Shield Anonymous Pissed Consumer Fake
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