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Tax Defense Network Complaints: The Gold Star Client Care Process

Although we take great pride in the excellent value we provide taxpayers, we realize all companies receive some complaints. However, we didn’t earn our A rating with the Better Business Bureau by taking Tax Defense Network complaints lightly. This is how Gold Star Client Care began. Through this department we are able to make Tax Defense Network complaints a top priority, because we are always trying to do better as a company.

Tax Defense Network Complaints: The Gold Star Client Care Process

No matter what the Tax Defense Network complaints are in regards to, cell groups within Gold Star have been formed to respond to complaints commonly found in the sometimes difficult tax resolution process. Along the complaints resolution path, data is carefully collected about the customer experience. Be assured, we hear you, and we care.

Tax Defense Network complaints are analyzed and solutions to are processed to get the problems resolved. These solutions are then formulated and passed on to all Gold Star Reps via our internal feedback.

We admit we are still learning, but at Gold Star we believe every client is unique. So we know we still expect to see rare complaints never encountered before. The Complaints Exception Process grants Lead Reps in the Gold Star Operations Center direct access to upper management at Tax Defense Network. Complaints that can’t be resolved in the initial stages can be passed to upper executives who can make arrangements to satisfy clients’ issues.

We believe our aggressive solution efforts are part of why we serve over 4,000 taxpayers per month nationwide. As we continue to grow in numbers, we understand the incoming complaints number may also rise. Yet, our Gold Star Client Care Department is how we plan to get better and better at complaints resolution.

Tax Defense Network Resolves Client Complaints

Tax Defense Network is one team of professionals willing to go the extra mile for clients. But the heart of our company is our Gold Star Client Care Department because customer satisfaction is not just our number one goal, it’s our only goal.

We proudly invite you to examine our Better Business Bureau record and see the difference for yourself. We handle all Tax Defense Network complaints with a Gold standard. Maybe that’s why we have been in business for 15 years and are still going strong. We employ certified IRS Enrolled Agents and Licensed Tax Professionals to make sure you get the quality tax help you need. Tax Defense Network is the American taxpayers’ choice for trustworthy tax debt relief, and we never want that to change.