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6 Ways the IRS Budget Cut Affects Taxpayers

The White House is saying “snip, snip” to the IRS’s budget this year, but not for the first time. The agency’s allowance has been cut by 20 percent in just seven years, even though it collects $4 for every $1 spent. The cuts will affect taxpayers these six ways. Continue reading

Should You Be Filing an FBAR?

If you hold a foreign bank account, you may need to file a foreign bank account report (FBAR) by the June 30th deadline. Additionally, if you owe taxes on income held in a non-U.S. account, payment must be made by … Continue reading

Taxes in the Sharing Economy

You may have heard about how ordinary, average people are now making a living through a variety of unusual jobs. These include renting a room in a house or apartment to overnight guests through Airbnb, or moonlighting as an on-call … Continue reading