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Top-Rated Tax Help That Won't Break the Bank

We believe that everyone who needs tax debt relief should be able to receive it. That’s why we offer affordable tax help services and financing options that are tailored to fit your budget.

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Affordable Tax Help Options

Maybe that IRS letter has been sitting in your kitchen drawer for a few months, or maybe you’re just barely getting by financially (we’ve all been there). Regardless of the reason, your tax debt must be addressed as soon as possible. If not, the IRS can pursue more aggressive collection actions, such as levies, liens, and wage garnishment.

At Tax Defense Network, we can work with the IRS on your behalf to help stop collective actions and get your life back on track. Schedule a free consultation today. We offer affordable tax relief options to address back taxes, tax penalties, and more.

Feel empowered again and receive back taxes help

Back Taxes

Get back taxes help. Even if you feel like your back is up against the wall due to unpaid taxes, you can feel empowered again.

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Delinquent taxes will escalate unless you address it

Delinquent Taxes

Back taxes that go unpaid past the due date are considered delinquent and can lead to aggressive IRS or state collection actions. Delinquency will only escalate unless you address it.

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Get help from a tax professional to release a levy from IRS debt

IRS Tax Levy

A levy can be an unwelcome devastation to your already-strained finances. Your best shot at releasing a levy from IRS debt is getting help from a tax professional.

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Requesting a release of the lien is key

IRS Tax Liens

If you have a federal or state lien, urgency is key to resolving the debt or requesting a release of the lien.

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You have options to potentially remove IRS penalties from late filing

IRS Tax Penalties

Whether you have IRS penalties stacking up from late filing, missed payments, or inaccurate taxes, you have options to potentially remove or resolve the charges.

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Recover from missed tax filing with help from tax relief professionals

Unfiled Taxes

Recover from missed tax filing years before the repercussions get worse with help from tax relief professionals.

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The IRS withholds a percentage of your paycheck to improve your tax debt

Wage Garnishment

When the IRS withholds a percentage of your paycheck or other income streams to satisfy your tax debt, you can potentially face difficulties at work and at home.

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Tax Preparation Services

Need help filing your state or federal income tax returns? Our professional tax preparation services are fast and affordable.

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IRS Notices

Did you receive a tax notice? Don't panic. The IRS sends out millions of letters every year.

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Tax Offset

Owe a government debt? Don't risk losing your tax refund this filing season.

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Cryptocurrency Taxes

Dabbling in crypto? Be sure you understand which activities can trigger a tax event.

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Tax Help You Can Trust

Are you feeling overwhelmed because you owe the IRS? Relax. We’ve got your back. Since 2007, Tax Defense Network has helped thousands of clients get the tax relief they deserve. Our licensed tax professionals have literally seen (and heard) it all. There’s no tax debt problem too big for us to resolve. Whether you need help with your personal or business taxes, our team is here for you. We love helping people find solutions because when we do, it completely changes their lives. If you need tax help, make the smart choice and contact us today!