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IRS Tax Debt Forgiveness

There’s no magic genie who can make your tax debt disappear. That’s why there’s IRS tax debt forgiveness. When you can’t pay your taxes, tax debt forgiveness programs can provide some much needed relief.

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What is Tax Debt Forgiveness?

Tax debt forgiveness is a broad term used to describe the various tax relief programs available to taxpayers who are unable to pay their tax debts. IRS tax debt forgiveness allows your debt to be significantly reduced or canceled, which can be life-changing for those who qualify. According to the most recent data from the IRS, over 14 million Americans owe back taxes, penalties, and interest. Although the IRS will aggressively pursue those with delinquent accounts, they also realize that there are legitimate reasons why some people may be unable to pay their tax debt. Those qualifying for IRS tax debt forgiveness typically fall under the “financial hardship” category. This means you are unable to meet your basic living expenses, which includes:

  • Food

  • Housekeeping supplies

  • Apparel and services

  • Personal care products and services

  • Out-of-pocket healthcare expenses

  • Housing and utilities

  • Transportation costs

Tax debt can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to deal with the IRS on your own. At Tax Defense Network, we’ll work with you to find the best resolution for your tax problem.

IRS Tax Debt Forgiveness Programs

If you are one of the millions who can’t pay their taxes, you could be eligible for one of the various IRS tax debt forgiveness programs.

Fresh Start Initiative

Unable to meet your living expenses? The IRS may temporarily halt collection of your tax debt, if it deems you are currently not collectible. You may also qualify for other relief through the Fresh Start Initiative.

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Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise allows you to settle your debt with the IRS for less than the full amount owed.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Did you file jointly with your spouse and are facing tax debt due to their negligence? You may be exempt from paying the amount owed.

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Not everyone will qualify for a tax debt forgiveness program that will cancel or reduce the amount owed.  There are, however, many other tax relief options available to help you settle your debt. To determine which is best for your unique situation, schedule a free consultation with our tax experts today!

Tax Defense Network
“My personal experience with TDN was nothing short of life-changing. I’d been saddled with 23k in tax debt and I honestly thought it was going to follow me forever. I called TDN on a whim and I’m very glad I did. My entire debt has been deemed “uncollectable,” which means, unless I win the lottery in the next few years, my debt is forgiven. All in all, a great experience. I’m back to living my best life. Thanks, Tax Defense Network!”
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Common Questions About Tax Debt Forgiveness