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Small Business Bookkeeping That Makes Sense.

Are you spending too many hours focusing on your books instead of your business? Make the switch to Tax Defense Network’s small business bookkeeping services. You’ll save time & money!

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Tax Defense Network Bookkeeping vs. DIY

Many small business owners often handle bookkeeping themselves in an effort to save money. Although this may work for newly launched companies in the short run, it’s not something you’ll want to keep managing for the foreseeable future. The time you invest in bookkeeping is time that could be better spent managing and growing your business. If you’re tired of pushing paperwork, it’s time to consider Tax Defense Network. Here are just a few advantages to working with our bookkeeping professionals:

  1. Expertise
    You may be an expert when it comes to running your business, but generating a profit and loss statement is probably not be your strong suit. A professional bookkeeper, like those at Tax Defense Network, will have the expertise needed to not only keep your books in order, but also identify ways to save money and help your business grow.

  2. Stay Compliant
    The IRS is continually updating its rules and regulations, which means you have to on top of things if you don’t want Uncle Sam knocking at your door. At Tax Defense Network, we live and breathe tax code. Our bookkeepers are up-to-date on all things regarding the IRS, as well as your state tax requirements. You can rest easy knowing that your financial records will be filed on time and always compliant.

  3. Go Digital
    If you’re using pen and paper to manage your books or storing receipts and invoices in boxes, it’s time to go digital. Our bookkeeping services will bring your financials online, which not only saves time, but also protects you from unfortunate mishaps.

  4. Reduce Stress
    Trying to carve out time for bookkeeping during your busy day is not always possible. And once you get behind on your books, it can become a big problem. With Tax Defense Network bookkeeping services, you’ll never need to worry about calculation errors, missed filing deadlines, or being out of compliance. With the stress of managing your books off your plate, you’ll have more time to do what you love – running your business!

At Tax Defense Network, our bookkeeping services are far less than what you would pay by hiring an employee or a certified public accountant (CPA) to handle your books. You decide which services you need and for how long. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Small Business Bookkeeping Services

Small business bookkeeping is essential to your business. It is the transactional record-keeping process that helps track your company’s profits and losses. Proper bookkeeping is also vital for accurate reporting of your business taxes. At Tax Defense Network, we offer several affordable bookkeeping services to help keep your business compliant and moving in the right direction.

  • Prior Year Bookkeeping & Tax Filing Bundle

    Perfect for small business owners who may have fallen behind on bookkeeping from previous years and have not filed their tax returns. This package includes profit and loss statements, as well as tax preparation and filing services.

  • Current Year Bookkeeping

    Stay up-to-date with our affordable monthly bookkeeping service. Includes monthly expense reporting, year-end tax summary, line item entry and classification, as well as electronic cabinet with mobile functionality (powered by NEAT®). Tax preparation may be added for an additional fee.

  • Bookkeeping Investigation

    Need a profit and loss statement for the most recent quarter? We can help organize and prepare the necessary paperwork for a one-time fee.

Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about our small business bookkeeping services and fees.

Tax Defense Network
“I contacted Tax Defense Network with a problem that had ballooned out of proportion until I no longer had faith in my CPA to resolve. Tax Defense took my issue and in days presented a plan that I felt comfortable with, yet still skeptical that it could be carried out. Not only did they cost far less than my CPA was charging, they resolved my issue unbelievably well and quickly…Great company!”
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