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Payroll Tax Headache? We Have the Remedy.

Tax Defense Network can help get your payroll problems resolved, so you can focus on the important stuff.

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Payroll Tax Help for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, dealing with employees can be time-consuming and often frustrating. You not only have to find the right candidates (hiring), but also manage work schedules, and deal with other staffing issues. If paychecks are incorrect, or you withhold the wrong amount of payroll taxes, you could have some angry employees on your hands – or worse – the IRS auditing your books.  At Tax Defense Network, we can take the headache of dealing with payroll off your already overflowing plate.

Our payroll solutions package includes the following:

review and analysis

A comprehensive business review & analysis

payroll services with mobile support

Customized online payroll services with mobile support

small business payroll management

Small business payroll management & reporting

automated payroll tax filing

Automated small business payroll tax filing

To learn more about our affordable small business payroll solutions, schedule a free consultation today.

What is Payroll Tax Relief?

By law, all employers must withhold payroll taxes from their employees’ wages. This includes Social Security, Medicare, and federal taxes. These funds, along with the employer’s portion of the payroll tax, are then sent to the IRS. Most business owners remit these taxes on a quarterly basis. If you withhold too little or neglect to pay the required amount, the IRS will notify you of the amount overdue. You could owe tax penalties and interest, as well as the overdue amount. Disregarding the notices may result in collection actions, such as a tax levy, lien, and/or wage garnishment to satisfy the debt. In extreme cases, where fraud is suspected, your case may also be referred to the Department of Justice.

Whether you’ve neglected to withhold the correct amount, experienced financial strain and are unable to pay, or had to close your business, payroll tax relief can help get the IRS off your back. At Tax Defense Network, we offer a variety of payroll tax relief options to help you address your specific situation, including:

  • Payment Plans
    Allows you to pay your overdue payroll taxes over time.

  • Offer in Compromise
    Depending on your situation, we may be able to reduce or eliminate your tax debt.

  • Currently Not Collectible
    If you’re experiencing extreme financial difficulties, the IRS may suspend all collection actions against you.

Don’t let delinquent payroll taxes derail your business. Schedule a free, no-commitment consultation with one of our tax professionals today. We can work with the IRS on your behalf and help settle your tax debt.

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